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Outside School Application


Outside School

Application Instructions

  1. Thoroughly examine school information, calendar, and policies, as well as all the information below:

2. Complete all fields of the application form near the bottom of this page.

3. Attach additional information as necessary.

4. Send completed application and payment by the due dates.

5. You will receive a confirmation of enrollment as soon as possible after all paperwork has been successfully submitted.

-Applications are accepted for any period listed in the table below on a first come, first served basis, up until the final due dates. I only check my post office box on Mondays after 11:00AM.

-Please provide additional information and/or documentation for your child’s health information if necessary. Please be as thorough as possible. If I need to contact you for further information it may delay approval of your application.

-If information has been withheld, you will be asked to provide it and your application will not be considered complete until it is received. Furthermore, if you have withheld information on your application that becomes apparent upon enrollment, it is grounds for immediate dismissal with no refunds given.

-See table below for information regarding how to send paper or electronic applications and payments.

-Applications are considered complete once both the entire form with signed waivers and payments have been received.

-I am receiving no outside funding at this time, so no discounts or scholarships are available. Families are welcome to use their charter school vouchers. If you know of a funding source, please feel free to put us in touch.

-Payments and deposits are your assurance that you intend for your child to participate in the program you applied for, and as such are nonrefundable. If your child is unable to participate in a session for which you have obligated yourselves, you may apply the payment toward another Outside School program that starts within one calendar year for that which you paid, provided space is available and you have notified me by the due date.

-Outside School is an approved vendor with Summit Academy and Valiant Prep. If you wish to use charter school funds toward tuition, you must provide the purchase order as an attachment to your application.


-$800.00 deposit is due with application.

-Tuition is due according to the schedule below. I will appreciate it if you remember to submit tuition on time without my needing to remind you.

-In order to comply with California Educational Codes, students who are six years of age or older as of September 1 of each school year and above need to be enrolled in independent study, private school, or a charter homeschool within their school district or be provided instruction by a certificated tutor (for more information: (https://www.cde.ca.gov/sp/ps/psaffedcode.asp). Attach proof of enrollment to your application (not mandatory for children who are five years old at the time the program starts).

-Kindergarten applicants (five years old as of September 1 of each school year) must provide a copy of immunization records if they are not enrolled in a recognized California school program (see above). Older children will have provided this information to their schooling program of choice. For more information visit www.shotsforschool.org.

-If you are planning to use charter school funds, you may use them toward school year tuition. Your deposit, however, must be paid with your personal funds. Your purchase order must be attached to the application. We will apply the divide the total amount by nine to reduce monthly tuition payments with the exception of June, which your deposit pays for.

-Final due date to apply for each school year is August 15 unless additional space is available.


-$300.00 payment per week enrolled is due with application.

-If you are planning to use charter school funds, you may use them toward camp tuition. Your purchase order must be attached to the application.

-Final due date to apply for each week of camp is the Monday prior.

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