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Outside School History


Outside School


Outside School was an afternoon program that served a diverse, often underrepresented student body. The class had an emphasis on a natural learning progression through discovery, observation of and experimentation with life's cycles utilizing the schools' outdoor spaces. While we played and worked immersed in our environments, we learned about the organisms we found. Guided by an experienced early childhood educator with a scientific background, group and individual dynamics were at the forefront and children were empowered to make decisions while respecting nature, each other, and themselves. With an emphasis on the sciences, additional support was given in the areas of mathematics, literacy, physical development, and the arts.

Go play in the dirt! 

Here are newsletters from past sessions:

Berkeley Arts Magnet School

Berkeley, California

Spring, 2015

Fall/Winter, 2014-2015


Spring, 2013

Fall, 2012

Cragmont School

Berkeley, California


Emerson School

Berkeley, California