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Resources and inspiration for current and aspiring outdoor educators and those interested in a natural learning environment.

Project and Inquiry Based Learning

Use as an idea base for your own outdside teaching projects. Feel free to share!


project and inquiry based learning

Tools toward reforming educational systems.

Introductions to Project Based Learning

Wikipedia definition of project based learning:

Less than four minute video explaining project based learning from Buck Institute for Education.

Project Based Learning Resources

Buck Institute for Education

Offers resources and programs for teachers, administrators, and districts.

"Educating the Next Steve Jobs: How Can Schools Teach Students to Be More Innovative? Offer Hands-On Classes and Don't Penalize Failure"

by Tony Wagner, The Wall Street Journal

Formula SAE

Example of project based learning programs for college students through the use of automobile competitions.

Project Based Learning: Checklists to Support Project Based Learning and Evaluation

If you are required to produce "proof of students' learning" these checklists can help you do just that.

Project Management

Wikipedia page dedicated to the history, definitions, and styles of project management.