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Dirt Pile


Dirt pile


  Children Help Move Soil



Soil (These two piles are two yards of 3/4" fir bark for pathways and two yards of mixed soil for the "dirt box" (there are already sandboxes on the school site!) and garden beds: 1/2 Walt Whitman mix (organic topsoil, rice hulls, and tiny lava rocks) and 1/2 organic topsoil.



Have soil delivered. Place wheelbarrows and shovels on the piles. That's it!


After seeing the value to the children, in the joy they take in working with dirt and of running up and over the piles time and again, I will never, ever consider having soil delivered when the school is closed again! Just set up guidelines for where they can stand and safely watch as the soil is delivered. They love to help spread the soils and mulches, too.

Lesson plan by Heather Taylor, teachoutside@gmail.com. You are welcome to share all materials with credit to her.