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Garden Party for Homeless Shelter Families


Garden Party for Homeless Shelter Families


 Resident and Preschooler Plant Together



Delicious snacks, made with the children and beautifully presented

Invitations to the party

Planting Supplies: pots, seeds, shovels, soil

Plastic Bags


Prior to the event, have the children make the invitations and deliver them personally to the shelter.

On the day of the event, have the children help prepare the snacks, and explain to them proper party hosting etiquette.

Have the children work with the residents to plant seeds to take back to their shelter garden.


Snack Time


A child climbs in the treehouse while adults chat below.


Enjoying the sunshine.

Lesson plan by Heather Taylor, teachoutside@gmail.com. You are welcome to share all materials with credit to her.