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Nature Prints


Nature Prints

Using items from nature provides open-ended possibilities for art exploration. This activity encourages children to find patterns, lines, and shapes in the items collected from nature.


Collection of Natural Items (e.g. leaves, sticks, or flowers)






Before activity, decide how many colors you wish to set out. Pour a small amount of paint into trays and allow sponges to soak up paint. (This acts as a stamp pad and I have found that using these materials provides for a better print than using ordinary stamp pads).

Children will be provided with paper and a collection of items from nature, which they will use to press into the paint pads and onto their paper.

In doing this activity I have also found children are inclined to paint with the natural items, which I fully encourage. Let them explore these materials with freedom.

Lesson plan by Andrea Martini. You are welcome to share all materials with credit to her.