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Outside School


Outside School



To offer an alternative education model that respects humans and their interactions with the environment. Learning is child led and teacher supported. 

Materials and Methods

We will explore and adventure, make discoveries and observations, and experiment with newfound knowledge while being immersed in the environment and witnessing life’s cycles.

We will make decisions that are the best for the health and safety of individuals and the group. Much will be decided by democratic processes such as discussion and voting. Curriculum is driven by group members’ interests.

We strive to be light on the land. Materials use will be minimal and may include nature journals and pencils, rulers, knives for cutting and learning to carve, and twine. I typically bring a story book and field guide along each day.

We will leave sites better than we found them. We will participate in projects such as litter removal, invasive plant abatement, and species documentation.

Enrollment is limited to no more than eight children in kindergarten and beyond (five years of age and older as of program start date).

Education is 100% outdoors in beautiful Alvarado Park in Richmond, California.

Schedule and Tuition


School begins the day after Labor Day, follows Berkeley Unified School District holidays, and ends the second Thursday of June.

-Tuesday through Thursday

-9:00 - 3:00 (Drop-off by 9:15, pick-up as early as 2:45)

-$800/month for September - June


Schedule is for five consecutive weeks beginning the week after the Independence Day Holiday.

-Monday through Friday

-9:00 - 3:00 (Drop-off by 9:15, pick-up as early as 2:45)


Enrollment Application

Please read the school policies before deciding to enroll. For policies, information on how to enroll, and the school application please click the button below:

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