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Spools of String


Spools of String


 Ready to Use


Pruning Shears


Sticks (twice as many as lengths of string you have)

String or Twine


I've discovered that children love to use string and rope, but will use it all up if an entire roll is left out. I spend some time preparing several spools of twine (chosen because it is garden-colored and will decompose if left out or put in the green bin) one morning each week. It is a peaceful activity and the children really love using the string!


Cut small sticks (approximately 10cm.) with the pruning shears and cut lengths of twine (approximately 1m.; I measure between my outspread hands) with the scissors.


Tie a single knot around one of the sticks, which will be easy enough for small children to remove if they choose.


Place the second stick next the the first and encircle both with the twine. Tuck the end between the two sticks and it will stay in place for a neat appearance. Display in an attractive basket, if you wish, and place near other art and/or construction supplies.

Lesson plan by Heather Taylor, teachoutside@gmail.com. You are welcome to share all materials with credit to her.