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Thank You


THank You!

 This site would not be possible without the following people:

Paul K. Dayton

Wrote the initial article that inspired this project and brought it to fruition, and being excited about the prospect of this site, offered up his grad student to do the work to get this all started. Discover natural history and the ecological ties that bind.

Ryan K.

My former student, who remarked after summer camp in kindergarten to his mother, "But can't we just PLAY?", then requested leaving camp early and coming to his old school garden to get into his skivvies and help us harvest clay for our cob house. Debra, you rock (and yes, the hole is as deep as he is tall)!

Richard Louv

For being the journalist to write the powerful and inspirational book, Last Child in the Woods.

Robin C. Moore

For his early inspiration and work with natural learning. 

christian Senka

Paul K. Dayton's grad student who got the ball rolling for me and taught me to use websites and social media.

Robert C. Stebbins

Created my logo illustration, published in Amphibians and Reptiles of the San Francisco Bay Region (and to UC Press for being cool with it!).

Strephon Taylor

My husband, who made my logo.


Thank you for being here!