Teach Outside
Resources and inspiration for current and aspiring outdoor educators and those interested in a natural learning environment.

Health and Safety

A variety of resources to support the health of children and employees in outdoor teaching environments.


health and Safety

A variety of resources to support the health and safety of children, families, and workers in outdoor teaching environments.

Badger Sunscreen

I found Badger through a lot of trial and error of purchasing products through the Environmental Working Group’s sunscreen guide site. I have been using it for years; my current favorite is the SPF 35 Clear Zinc Sport Sunscreen.


Oakland, California based Bananas is a child care resource. This form they produce for schools is a resource for communicating information about various communicable disease exposures and how long people should be excluded from school.


Some outdoor programs actually recommend these boots, but I have found that children’s feet get very wet in them which is conducive to skin wounds and infections. They are also pricey. I will not recommend these shoes.

Center for Wellness and Nutrition

Run by the Public Health Institute to promote healthy, well communities through school and work initiatives.


Sun protective clothing and supplies for all ages.

Environmental Working Group Sunscreen Guide

The most up to date information on sunscreens available on the market and skin safety tips. Look up the safest sunscreen and find out how your current sunscreen rates.

Exposure Notice

This Exposure Notice from Oakland, California based BANANAS serves as a good general outline for students and teachers upon exosure to various diseases.

Find the REpellent That is Right for You

The Environmental Protection Agency produces this resource to help you find a tick and/or mosquito repellent.

Gardens for Every Body

University of Missouri site offers advice and resources for creating gardens for people of all ages and abilities.

Griot’s Garage Fabric Protectant

After years of “durable water proofing” failing on the coldest, wettest days, I began seeking other options for keeping my rain gear watertight. This has not failed me yet.

Guide to Sunscreens

The Environmental Working Group updates their sunscreen guide each year. Look up your current sunscreen or scan to find something that will work for you and your family.

Healthy Eating Guidelines for Children

This resource from Kaiser Permanente gives guidance on how and what to feed children, as well as pointing out the consequences of unhealthy eating.

Hot Hands

My wintertime comfort secret. I usually put a pair in my front pants pockets or jacket pockets and they keep me toasty all day. On especially cold days two pairs come in handy.

How to Approach a Dog

Practical tips by Blue Cross for Pets.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

This pyramid graphic shows how addressing the needs at the bottom will lead to people becoming their best selves.

Poison Control Hotline

Put this number into your phone for reference any time you need it:


Polarn O. Pyret

Quality clothing, great layering items and outerwear. This link is for their United States online store, but they are available in multiple countries.

servus Boots

I only needed two pairs of Servus brand rain boots in eleven years of teaching outdoors, with the first pair being discarded only because it became impaled with a nail through the sole. They are that durable.

Sleep Foundation

This graphic shows how much people of different ages should be sleeping. It’s a total for a 24 hour period, so can include periods of napping.

Straw Bale Gardening

One way to create unique raised beds in all sorts of environments is with straw bales.


Hats, sun block, and sun protective clothing and gear.

Sun Safety

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention produces this sun safety guide.

Sun Protection Policy

Ripponlea Kinder in Australia has a thorough sun protection policy that will download to your computer when you click on the link.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site on ticks has substantial information on tick identification, diseases they cause, and habitats they can be found along with how you can prevent disease.

Using Insect Repellents Safely and Effectively

The United States Environmental Protection Agency offers this guide on safe use of repellent products.

Vinylove Gloves

Atlas 460 Vinylove PVC Gloves are the perfect solution for cold, wet days! They’re waterproof and lined with a soft fleece to keep grown-up hands toasty. I have washed mine a few times, and although they take a long time to dry out in the fingers, the vinyl has not cracked. Even though they’re orange and bulky, I have not found a better glove for spending long days outside.

Weather Underground

This go-to resource offers hourly weather predictions and area warnings. A terrific resource for planning clothing and gear.