Teach Outside
Resources and inspiration for current and aspiring outdoor educators and those interested in a natural learning environment.




The resources listed help support the work of outdoor and other types of unconventional education.

All About Birds

Run by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, this site offers resources for bird identification as well as a rich diversity of information.

Arvind Gupta Toys

A great resource of short instructional videos in several languages. Amazing and inspiring lessons in how to make toys from trash.

Backyard Brains

Bringing neuroscience education and exeriments to all.

Barn Owl Nest Boxes 

Barn owls are great natural predators and providing nest boxes helps keep pests at bay in others' outdoor spaces and owl pellets can be found below for study. Here is one site that offers pre-made barn owl nest boxes.


A citizen science project aimed at tracking climate change. Run by the Chicago Botanic Garden.

California Herps

Thorough, engaging, and simple to use identification site for California's reptiles and amphibians.

California Native Plant Society

Offers a variety of resources for learning about California's habitats and plants, including workshops.


Photo database of animals, plants, landscapes, and more.

Children and Nature Network

Founded by Richard Louv, this organization offers resources for getting children outside.

Children in nature collaborative

San Francisco Bay Area resource group. 

Climbing for Kids

Getting children to climb mountains.


Located primarily in the North Bay (of the San Francisco Bay Area), Cropmobster seeks to create communities in reducing food waste.

Donors Choose

For public school teachers, projects are listed and community supports funding.


Youth interns work on projects to promote environmental stweardship by helping watersheds and reducing litter in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Gardening Gone Wild

Blogs, articles, and photography set with a lively tone to inspire your own ideas.

Gateways to STEM Education

In this UCTV seminar, Shawn Carlson of Lab Rats outlines how a hub system can be used as a next step in teaching to make connections between people and ideas more efficient.

Green Schoolyards America

Organization seeking to improve schoolyards by providing more green space and naturalistic playspaces.


Website with an associated app helps you to identify organisms and join a global community of citizen scientists.

Interaction Imagination

Blog, photos, and stories from Stockholm, Sweden. Fun, uplifting, and honest.

Lab Rats

Offers an alternative to traditional scouting programs by offering STEM-based programs for youth both in school and out of school. Based in Southern California.

Let's Move!

Michelle Obama's site for healthy eating and activity is still largely intact.

"'Lost words' as children stay indoors"

by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris, BBC Newsnight

This less than two minute news video highlights how important it is to name names in an era of indoor child-rearing so species remain in our thoughts and lives.

National Center for Science Education

Organization offering resources to support the teaching of evolution and climate change.

National Environmental Education Foundation

Offering articles and resoures for connecting people and nature.

National Park Service

Resources including searches, articles, and web cams for connecting people with America's National Parks.

Oakland Leaf

Oakland, California group empowering youth through outdoor and other educational spaces to build personal and community reliliency.

Outdoor Afro

Founded by Rue Mapp. "Where Black People and Nature Meet." Find a program near you!

Play England: Feedom to Play

Resource site promoting childrens' right to play.


Blog and resource page full of design-centered ideas, resources, and videos from around the world.

Pogo Park

Located in the Iron Triangle neighborhood in Richmond, California, Toody Maher worked with residents to create beautiful staffed playgrounds to ensure community health.


Follow and interact with current Arctic and Antarctic researchers and read journals and view photographs from past expeditions.

The Pothole Gardener

Blog with videos and photos of fanciful little scenes created in city potholes.

"RI Teacher says, 'I Quit!'"

by Stephen Round, YouTube

Video of a teacher quitting after 13 years at a school district

Save the Frogs

The web site is incredibly rich, deep, and informative, encouraging action and learning at every level. School presentations can be requested in the San Francisco Bay Area, though the organization has a world-wide reach.

School Forests in Minnesota

A true partnership between schools and Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources. Links to every aspect of the program. 

Science Toys

How-to videos for making simple, real science experiments using household objects.

STRAW: Students and Teachers REstoring a Watershed

A project of Point Blue- Conservation for a Healthy Planet, STRAW actively engages thousands of students each year in habitat restoration in California. The site at large includes a large number of resources for teachers and citizens alike.

Straw Bale Gardens

One way to garden on toxic soil, have raised vegetables for those unable to reach the ground, or just to create interesting patterns and levels in a space is with straw bale gardening. Find out more information here.

Teach OUtside Video

I've moved on to forest school, dropped all of the prepared areas you'll see, and lost several years and 90 pounds since making this video, but the sentiment remains the same. Five minutes, 33 seconds.

UC Berkeley Urban Bee Lab

How to identify and help California's native bees. Site is in English and Spanish.

UC Cooperative Extension, Agricultural Experiment Station

Run by the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, this site has numerous links for educators and families. Their pest and poisonous plant identification and management pages are particularly helpful. Also contains an online bookstore.

U.S. Forest Service

Information for children and their families as well as educators and others.

Weather Underground

Invaluable site for weather predictions. Essential for outdoor educators, it contains information on temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, and wind speed and direction all predicted by the hour. Citizen science in incorparated through the use of private weather stations.

Weed Resource and Identification Center

Use to identify weeds all throughout the United States.

The Wild Network

Offering ideas, articles, and the movie, Project Wild Thing. All for getting children reconnected with the great outdoors.

Xerces Society

Dedicating to protecting invertebrate life. Find a variety of resources and projects here.

Your Old Time Bookstore

A variety of books on old-fashioned technology.


Citizen science projects of all sorts.