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American Institutes for Research

"Effects of Outdoor Education Systems for Children in California" 

Berman, Marc G., John Jonides, and Stephen Kaplan

"The Cognitive Benefits of Interacting with Nature"  

Blackawton, P.S., S. Airzee, A. Allen, S. Baker, A. Berrow, C. Blair, M. Chuchill, J. Coles, R.F.-J. Cumming, L. Fraquelli, C. Hackford, A. Hinton Mellor, M. Hutchcroft, B. Ireland, D. Jewsbury, A. Littlejohns, G.M. Littlejohns, M. Lotto, J. McKeown, A. O'Toole, H. Richards, L. Robbins-Davey, S. Roblyn, H. Rodwell-Lynn, D. Schenck, J. Springer, A. Wishy, T. Rodwell-Lynn, D. Strudwick, and R.B. Lotto

"Blackawton Bees"   

Dayton, Paul K.

"The Importance of the Natural Sciences to Conservation: An American Society of Naturalists Symposium Paper"   

Dayton, Paul K.

"Why Nature at the University of California"   

Dayton, Paul K. and Enric Sala

"Natural History: The Sense of Wonder, Creativity and Progress in Ecology"             

Green, Harry W.

"Organisms in Nature as a Central Focus for Biology"

Kareiva, Peter

"Ominous Trends in Nature Recreation" 

Lohr, Viginia I. and Pearson-Mims, Caroline H.

"Children's Active and Passive Interactions with Plants Influence Their Attitudes and Actions toward Trees and Gardening as Adults" 

Svane, Frode

"Life in the Bushes: Children's Need of 'Space-in-Space' and Natural Materials in Outdoors Dramatic Play"   

Taylor, Heather B.

“From Fear to Freedom: Risk and Learning in a Forest School”