Teach Outside
Resources and inspiration for current and aspiring outdoor educators and those interested in a natural learning environment.

Sources of Inspiration


sources of inspiration

California Academy of Sciences

Located in San Francisco, California, this museum offers themed NightLife parties every Thursday night. They feature local music, resouces, and seasonal, adult beverages.

Garden History Girl

Fascinating stories, photos, and illustrations in the blog highlight the history of gardens through the centuries.

Girls Garage

Located in Berkeley, California, Girls Garage offers real world building skills to girls ages 9-17.

Integral-Essential Learning

Ideas about how students learn best, in an integrated way.

“'It’s a miracle': Helsinki's radical solution to homelessness”

by Jon Henley

From giving new mothers items to help their newborns for seeking prenatal care, to offering education that meets the developmental needs of children, to working toward homes for all, Finland is nailing it again.

Khan Academy

If you're interested in brushing up on a variety of academic subjects, you can do so for free, online here.

"Lana Wachowski receives the HUman Rights Campaign Visibility Award"

It truly takes a village to raise a child. Please find 30 minutes to watch this beautiful speech

Lindsay Wildlife Experience

This Walnut Creek, California museum hosts lectures and adult party nights among the California native, non-releasable animals.

Lit 2 Go

Classic books available as audio files through iTunes. "Read" the classics at your leisure!


Magazine, online resources, and in person Maker Faires offer up inspiration and creative projects. Learn by doing!

Masters with Masters

Video series by NASA offers incredible insights into personal and organizational growth past tremendous hurdles and mistakes, reaching far past space science and engineering.

The Natural Histories Project

Short audio clips from naturalists are an ever-present source of inspiration for the work we do.

Open Source Ecology

Marcin Jakubowski creates open access hardware designs for building the tools of civilazation anywhere for little cost, his Global Village Construction Set. Check out the TED talk on his front page, too.

Public Library of Science

PLOS offers free online journals for research.

"Some Strange Things Are Happening to Astronauts Returning to Earth"

by Adam Albright-Hanna, Upworthy

Astronauts' viewpoints as experts on Earth.


Fabric sales site with a ton of fabulous designs and fabrics. You can even design your own fabrics!

Spring Hills Farm

Holiday carriage rides, cut-them-yourself trees, maple syrup produced on the farm, and facilities for staying, meeting and learning in Pennsylvania.

TED Education

Full of videos sharing ideas about changing the educational landscape.

Tekla Labs

A place to upload and download free designs for open source lab equipment.

"What are Your Dreams for Children and Educators?"

by Isauro Michael Escamilla, M.A.

Speech excerpt from the closing statements at the National Association for the Education of Young Children Professional Development Institute in San Francisco

"Youth engagement in Parks"

by Sierra Zacks

Western Governors Association speech on the importance of involving teens in parks.